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The Foundation

'Serving the poor equals serving God' - is the ideology that drives RP Foundation forward. As per the noble vision outlined, the Foundation will be working towards the betterment of the society by providing the underprivileged and needy with necessary support. This is an earnest mission set in motion to help the humanity by Dr. Ravi Pillai, the Chairman and Managing Director of RP Group having operations globally.

The RP Group had always extended helping hands to the deserving ones. A substantial amount of money and resources are spent every year on an array of charity activities world-wide providing solace to the poor, physically challenged and the downtrodden. Following the vastness and diversity of the charity works undertaken, the Group, with an eye to co-ordinate and elevate such activities to a professional and centralized level formulated the RP Foundation. It also aims at ensuring that the financial assistances go only to the right and needy hands. The aids and assistances disbursed globally are being taken gladly from own funds and no amount has been collected from any external sources for this purpose.


Founded on the idea to help the global community by following rigid eligibility criteria and depending upon the availability of funds; the main activities of the RP Foundation are as under:

• Assistance and re‐habilitation of the destitute who are suffering from incurable/perennial diseases and are physically/mentally crippled
• Provide assistance to the victims of natural calamities
• Provide poverty eradication schemes for the down trodden people
• Establish hospitals, clinics, and sanatoriums, to help the poor and simultaneously help support such other establishments intended for the welfare of the poor
• Start educational institutions that will provide technical and job‐oriented education with intention for social development
• Provide financial assistance for the marriage of young ladies who fall below the poverty line