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'To lend a dignified life to all human beings under the sky' is the motto behind the establishment of the RP Foundation.

We all have only one life and we should be thankful to God for gifting us the life of a human being. For the fulfillment of human life, we should always do good things. Making money should not be the only aim in life. Money made out of the Years of another person will serve no purpose. From the money saved, we should have the mind to devote a certain part for the benefit of others.

By God's Grace, life had been a voyage of experiences for me. Right from my childhood days, my mind used to get disturbed while seeing the sufferings of the poor. Since hailing from an agricultural family, I had the opportunity to closely understand the lives of farmers who worked in the fields and was deeply touched at their struggles. It was then that I decided, quite amateurishly, to add charity alongwith my future life's priorities.

Later, I made it a point to help all those who came before me seeking help. Today, I place charity with equal importance as my business activities and I believe that each and every person's life, instead of being confined to oneself and his family should necessarily be for the benefit of others to whatever extent possible.

I believe that my humble activities through the RP Foundation, even if it is a drop in the mighty ocean would be a motivating factor to the needy ones, and in this task, my belief is: 'by helping others you are helping yourself'.

With Prayers

Dr. Ravi Pillai