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RP Foundation
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  • Donated houses for more than 250 families globally
  • Assisted the Government of India and the local authorities by contributing resources to rehabilitate the affected victims of the 2004 Tsunami and the Chairman, Dr. Ravi Pillai was recognized by the President of India for his valiant efforts and invaluable contribution
  • Following the Gujarat earthquake, Dr. Ravi Pillai contributed limitless resources to the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund
  • Provided assistance to expatriated Indian nationals by coordinating with the Embassy of India and other social and cultural organizations on their behalf
  • Prime contributor to the Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam to construct its own building
  • Sponsor of the Mega Onam and Eid Festivals organized every year in the Middle East
  • Merit scholarships given to 1500 students who are poor and who can't afford to go for higher education
  • Donated a marriage hall in the name of Dr. Ravi Pillai's mother which has been dedicated to the public for free usage to conduct marriage and other functions
  • Providing shelter to orphanages and taking care of the educational needs of its inhabitants
  • Launching of drinking water project for needy people in Kerala
  • Spending significant sum of money for the marriage and medical assistance for people belonging to the Below Poverty Level category
  • Providing assistance and emergency help to people in distress for food and shelter
  • Providing marriage assistance for poor girls